Today, we wanted to take the time to wish EVERY mother a very special and happy Mother's Day! This holiday gives us the chance to really appreciate the women in our lives, who do so much for us on a daily basis without expecting anything in return. We also wanted to take this opportunity to recognize all of the wonderful animal moms as well; without them we wouldn't have any of our four-legged family members! Whether you have children or pets, we thank you for all that you do.

Maternal instinct is truly an amazing thing. Like I've said before, I don't have any children but I love my dog as though she were my child. I worry about her when I'm gone, I try to teach her good manners, and I want to make sure she has a happy and healthy life - if you ask me, I consider myself a mother. I never thought it would be possible to love an adopted dog so much. What's really amazing is how dogs and other animals will at times take on the role of adoptive mother as well. Talk about maternal instinct!

This amazing picture from Germany shows Katjinga, an eight-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, adopting Paulinche, an abandoned piglet, and raising the runt as though it were her own.

Another heartwarming story, this video shows Lily, a lab mix, adopting kittens after her own puppies had all been adopted. In this clip we also see a fawn being adopted by a cat, a horse being raised by a goat, and a baby baboon adopted by a tiger. These ladies truly show what it means to be a mom! :)

This Sunday, whether you have a child or a four-legged family member, know that we appreciate and thank you for everything you do! Happy Mother's Day!