If you're like me, you've been noticing gas prices getting higher and higher. The same tank of gas costs me almost 20 percent more than it did last year. Here in California, the average gallon of gas will cost you just over $4.00. Miserable you say? At least you don't live in Amsterdam, where you'd have to shell out almost $6.50 PER GALLON! Oh my dog! Lucky for all us dog owners, our awesome four-legged friends can help ease the pain.

In America, it feels like everyone drives everywhere. I'll admit it, I'm guilty. Need some milk and bread? Why yes, I'll drive the two miles to the grocery store. Luckily, if you have a dog - he can help you get you around AND save you money! Check out these three fun (and funny) ways dogs are helping out their humans.

Don't want to walk because you have too many groceries to carry home? No excuse here! Get out, get some exercise and have fido help pull them back! Just make sure to treat him for all of his hard work. Check out this awesome dog in Seattle. What a good boy.

Need to get somewhere fast? Try some rollerblades! It's a great workout for both you and your dog - and it's got to be a rush too! They must be going at least 15 miles per hour...

If you feel more comfortable taking the lead, have your dog push you where you're going instead. Ok, this doesn't look all that comfortable, but look how happy that dog looks!

Ok, maybe your dog can't really help you save all that much gas money... but she can sure put a smile on your face. And think, if you walked to the grocery store every once in awhile you'd be getting in some great bonding time with your pup while also getting some exercise.

What about you? Does your dog do any fun and quirky things?