For this week's Fun Video Friday, we're sharing some of our favorite clips of sneaky pups!

This adorable pup sneaks food out of his brother's bowl when he isn't paying attention! LOL


The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home noticed that when they arrived in the morning to work, kennel doors were open with dogs roaming the halls and food eaten in the kitchen. They couldn't solve the mystery so they decided to install some cameras to get to the bottom of things and made a startling discovery! This intelligent pup unlocked his kennel every night and even made sure to let his best buddies and girlfriend in on the fun too!

This last clip features 'Klepto Kitty" caught in the act! Dusty sneaks around at night to get presents to bring home for his owner! We especially love how he brings home his prize (and waddles) at 01:19.

Do you have a sneaky pet? Leave us a comment below!