This Sunday is Father's Day, if you haven't gotten a gift yet - have no fear, we're here to help! We're big fans of celebrating all dads; those with two and four-legged children! Here are a few ideas to celebrate the man in your life.

Go out and explore the great outdoors! Hiking is great way to bond with your dad and get some exercise in! Many states require passes to enter or park, so why not treat your dad to a seasonal or annual pass? There are options for camping, boating, fishing, you name it. Check on your state's website for more specifics (California residents can find more details here).

Take him out to the ball game! We listed this last year, but this is our go-to gift for our dad. If you've got a sports lover in the family, he's sure to love tickets to root on your local baseball team. (Some stadiums even have days where they allow you to bring your pup!)The best part - lots of tickets start at under $20 bucks - check out for more info.

Fire up the grill! Grilling is essential to summer and synonomous with dads. He'll be super excited to have someone else manning the BBQ and appreciative of the gesture. You can find some awesome grilling recipes on

For the dog dad, we've got tons of great dog beds and accessories that will make him feel loved and spoiled. It's ruff keeping up with puppies after all.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you and your dad(s) enjoy the weekend!