It's almost summer and for most of us that means... VACATION! When flying with a four-legged family member it's important to be prepared, so we've compiled a few tips to make your trip easy and stress-free.

  1. Get to the vet! It's important that your pup have a clean bill of health before traveling, especially on a plane. Some breeds have difficulty flying, so make sure to get your vet's opinion and recommendations. Additionally, ask for a health certificate and current vaccination records (some airlines and destinations will require this - make sure you do your research before traveling).
  2. Identification! Losing luggage can ruin a trip... losing your pet can ruin more than just that! Make sure your pet has ID tags with all of your current information on it (and information on how to contact you while you're traveling). Also, make sure that he has a fitted collar, you don't want that getting caught on anything.
  3. First Class! If your pup can't fly in the cabin with you, make sure your pup's crate is big enough for her to stand up, turn around and lie down in. If possible, exercise your pup before you fly, that way she's burned off any excess energy and can relax. Don't let your pup travel on a full stomach and try to take a potty break as close to take off as possible. Keep her crate comfy by bringing her favorite blanket/mat (Chill Pads are perfect for this!) and toy, and make sure she has access to water (enough to keep her hydrated, but not fill up her bladder).
  4. Reward and praise! Once you're reuinited after the flight, try not to make a huge scene and overexcite your pet. Instead, reward him with lots of praise and some yummy treats.

Do you have any trips coming up? We'd love to hear about it - leave us a comment below!