Momo loves to play. We've gotten her almost every toy under the sun; and she never ceases to make us smile. We love challenging her and seeing how she figures things out– so we always try to buy her intellectual toys. Now that it’s December and Christmas is only 24 days away, we wanted to share a few of Momo’s favorite toys to help give you some ideas when you are shopping for your pups this holiday season!    

Kyjen's Hide a Squirrel toy

Ridiculously cute, this toy comes with a tree log and three squeaky little squirrels. By hiding the squirrels inside the tree log, this toy challenges and entertains your pup - encouraging them to find and remove the squirrels over and over again. As you can see from this picture, Momo loves hunting for squirrels!

Kyjen has a whole line of plush puzzle toys - including their Snake in the Grass, Tough Turtle and a Magic Hat with rabbits! Looks like Momo has a lot on her wish list!

Recently, I came across a great website (In the Company of Dogs) that also offers great intellectual toys for dogs. If your pup has a habit of de-stuffing toys, these are probably a better option. 

These interactive puzzle toys require dogs to use their nose and paws to find treats that you hide inside. If your dogs are anything like Momo, then they definitely LOVE treats! They are $49.95 for the plastic toys and $69.95 for the wooden ones. These awesome toys are likely to entertain and occupy your dog for years to come. 

Momo also loves to romp around outside. We just pop open her P.L.A.Y. tunnel and she runs around in circles. Right now we’re offering 15% off all of our products, so you can get one for $50! Check them out on our site.

Does your dog have any of these toys? Leave a comment - we'd love to hear your stories and see your pictures!