Since the beginning of February, we've been partnering with on a fun photo contest for pups who deserved a new bed. To say the least, we got some great entries.

The submission deadline closed last week and we had the hard job of trying to narrow down all the entries to five finalists. While we wish we could give a bed to every dog, here were our picks for most deserving.

Beto is an adorable pup who likes to go a little "crazy" and tore up his last bed. Looks like he's still working on it.

Digger's human got him this chair and a matching ottoman at a garage sale, but it doesn't look like it's holding up too well anymore.

Page's bed looks more like a pillow than a bed! According to her owner, the bed has holes and is so stinky it  could "kill a cat." Yikes.

A few months ago, Preston got really sick and had accident that ruined his bed. Poor guy looks so sad in his kennel with just a few fleece blankets!

Savannah's crate got taken over by the cat, so in turn she's using the cat's bed - that clearly is too small!

All of these adorable dogs could definitely use a new bed - now we leave it up to you to decide which one will win a Cameo bed from our Artist Collection. Voting closes on Friday, February 25 - Make sure to visit Dog-Milk's facebook page now and vote for your favorite! Good Luck!