Monday, February 18th, we observe Presidents' Day, a day to honor current and past leaders of our country. To celebrate, we thought it would be fun honor First Dogs too!

Presidential dogs date all the way back to George Washington, one of America's founding fathers and first President. An avid hunter and dog lover, President Washington bred and maintained many dogs in his lifetime.  His journals listed over 30 dogs, for which he had a knack of cleverly naming. Our personal faves? Drunkard and Sweet Lips.

From Abraham Lincoln to George Bush Sr. and Jr., Ronald Reagan to Herbert Hoover; many four-legged animals have had the priviledge of being part of the First Family.

Today, Bo Obama, is huge a celebrity. Gracing the White House's Christmas Card for two years in a row now, Bo is an integral part of the First Family. No matter political affiliation, Bo has won the hearts of the American public! He has an avid following with many websites and social media pages dedicated to him. Bo is often even the subect of many news articles!