National Train Your Dog Month Training Tip #13: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we thought this tip was only fitting.

When adopting or even interacting with a new pet, never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, negative stereotypes and perceptions have given many wonderful, loving dogs a bad rap. It's a sad fact but because of this, many animals including Pit Bulls and black dogs (and cats) are labeled "less-adoptable" and often have a hard time finding forever homes. If you're thinking about bringing home a new dog, educate yourself! Make sure you do your homework and read up about different breeds to ensure that  you're adopting a dog that will be good fit for your home and lifestyle.

Like Dr. King, it's our dream that one day people and animals will not be judged by the color of their skin (or nationality, race, breed, gender, etc.) but by the content of their character.