Getting A New Puppy? 4 Tips for Welcoming Another To The Family

By Emma Sturgis on Oct 28, 2016 at 9:00 am

Getting A New Puppy? 4 Tips for Welcoming Another To The Family

Dogs make great family members because of their unconditional love and loyalty, but that doesn’t mean you can just grab a new puppy and welcome it into the family with open arms. In fact, it means just the opposite. Much like you take your time choosing a spouse, you want to take your time choosing a new pup to call your own. There’s a lot more that goes into bringing home your darling new canine companion that goes well above and beyond just having the right dishes, crates, and sweet face. Before you pick a new pup, let’s talk about what you need to know to welcome the right dog into your family.

What’s Your Family Like?

New puppies are living creatures, and they deserve to come home to the right family. What does your family look like? While many people are able to welcome a new puppy into the family without issue, some families struggle because they don’t take certain considerations into account. For one, new puppies are like new babies. They need training, love, attention, and a lot of care. They’re not as self-sufficient as you might think, and welcoming a new puppy into a home with a new baby might be a bit overwhelming. Just take into consideration where your family is at currently and if you could realistically welcome a puppy into your home.

What’s Your House Like?

Welcoming a new pup to the house is exciting, but it’s not exciting if your house isn’t exactly dog-friendly. For example, do you rent a home or live in an apartment where animals are not welcome? If animals are welcome, must they meet certain size requirements? The last thing you want is a new puppy that forces you to find a new home, or one you are forced to give up because you can’t keep it where you live.

Additionally, not all dogs do well in small houses. There’s no law stating you can’t have a Great Dane in a small studio apartment, but your vet probably advises against it. It’s important to take into consideration if you have enough room for your dog before bringing them home.

What are You Looking for in a Dog?

Puppies are so cute that most people forget they grow up. It’s a problem for many families who want to welcome a sweet puppy into their homes only to find out they do grow up into much larger animals. Welcoming a dog into the family is much easier when you know what to expect. Before you bring one home, make sure you get to know the breed. Check with the AKC to find out what your dog is going to become when it grows up. Is it big? Is it a dog that requires a lot of outdoor space and exercise? Are you looking for a dog that’s good with kids, or one that’s good with your other animals? Are you looking for a guard dog or a lap dog? Know what you want, and look for a dog that works with your desires.

Other Animals

It’s also important to take into consideration other animals you have, or animals that are around you. When it comes to dogs, many are unpredictable in how they will interact around others. It’s important to be aware of the surrounding animals and make sure that welcoming a new dog into your family will be a safe option for you and for the dog. No matter how careful you are, dog fights happen and so do injuries. It may be a good idea to find a law professional you trust, like Ahlander Injury Law, to help you navigate the legalities of future possible dog bites.


Getting a new puppy is exciting, but you need to do more research other than what kind of food dish holds the most or spills the least. It’s great you want to look up the best leash, crate, and the healthiest foods, but there are considerations you should make long before you decide on a new puppy. 

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