Not sure how to go green this Earth Day? Here are 3 simple suggestions on how you can be eco-friendlier with your pup today!

1) Pick it up! As we all know, dog waste is gross! No one wants to step in it, let alone have it runoff into our water ways. To top it off, dog waste is filled with bacteria that can make humans and other animals sick. So even if no one sees it happening, pick it up! And make sure to use biodegradable bags to keep plastic out of our landfills.

2) Get rid of the plastic water bottles! Staying hydrated is important but get rid of those single-use plastic bottles. H204K9 makes awesome stainless steel water bottles just for dogs; no spilling or wasted h2o here - the cap is the cup! These are a great and easy way to help reduce waste.

3) Get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Turn off the TV, lights and heater. Take your pup for a nice long walk and enjoy some fresh air. Not only will you be getting some exercise, you'll also be spending some fun quality time with your pup. Don't forget to bring along an eco-friendly dog toy! Double points for walking and not driving to your favorite parks and trails.

 How are you celebrating Earth Day? Leave us a comment below!