Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We think it's important to remember the reason for this special holiday, and that it is more than just a three-day weekend. Momo actually loves playing with all types of animals - she's really curious and just doesn't discriminate. Obviously, some animal species are just natural born enemies; tigers, bears, dogs, polar bears, you name it - you just wouldn't think of them as friends. Well we recently watched National Geographic's one hour special, "Unlikely Animal Friends 2" and were suprised (and heartwarmed) by what we saw.

Albert the sheep befriends Themba an orphaned baby elephant. Jessica the hippopotamus makes daily visits to the home of a South African couple. Eskimo dogs roughhouse with polar bears. A leopard and a golden retriever grow up together. A lion, tiger, and bear trio grow old together, and a goat and 2 dogs make an odd traveling family. This one-hour special takes a heartwarming look at these curious animal bonds.

Read more about these amazing animal bonds on National Geographic's website!
Do you think you could see Momo hanging out with a leopard? Momo doesn't think so either. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!